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VIP Graphics

VIP Graphics’ Instant – Revolutionizing Presentation Creation with AI

VIP Graphics’ Instant tool is designed to help users create visually stunning presentations effortlessly through its AI capabilities and seamless integration with Google Slides. It’s user-friendly and requires no complex knowledge of presentation software. Instant offers hundreds of professional-grade slide templates, allowing users to generate powerful visuals and infographics with ease.

The Power of AI in Presentation Creation

Noting its performance, Instant’s AI-powered engine has the capacity to generate presentations efficiently. Users can input their preferences, including presentation length, type, and topic followed by style customizations like color themes and font styles that align with their brand. The AI subsequently formulates an outline that can be adjusted to suit specifics, while also suggesting layouts for content drafting.

Standout Features of Instant

The strength of Instant lies in its ability to provide visually rich presentations, which makes it stand out from other AI tools available. The inbuilt expert-designed templates and versatile visual options such as flowcharts, diagrams, and infographics deliver a professional touch to your slides.

Budget-Friendly Pricing Plans

While the tool is powerful, it is also budget-friendly, offering different subscription plans to accommodate varied needs. Instant offers a Pro plan that yields up to 150 slides/month and unrestricted access via the Premium plan. Users can also opt for a free trial for basic exploration of its features.

Innovative Solution for Business and Professional Users

Targeting business and professional users who seek to create streamlined, impressive presentations, Instant is an effective tool easing the content creation process.

Pros and Cons:


– User-friendly interface with no complex presentation software knowledge required.
– An array of professional templates and visual options.
– AI technology aids in efficiency and convenience in slide creation.


– Limited auto-generated slides per month on the Pro plan.
– Dependence on Google Slides for full functionality.
– Limited features and functionality with the free trial.


VIP Graphics

Automated, customizable presentation creation for professionals.