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About TurboScribe

TurboScribe is a highly versatile tool designed to convert audio and video files into precise and accurate transcripts. It is equipped with an exceptionally advanced open transcription technology known as Whisper, making it a trusted tool for transcription. With its capability to support over 98 languages, TurboScribe can be used across a range of international platforms, from podcasts in French to webinars in Mandarin.

Functions and Features

The tool possesses a high-performance level, able to transcribe various audio and video formats such as MP3, M4A, AMV, and even Youtube video links. The transcript can be exported into several formats such as PDF, DOCX, TXT, and SRT subtitle formats, adding to its versatility. The speaker recognition feature allows it to differentiate between multiple speakers, making it ideal for interviews and podcasts featuring multiple speakers.

Translation Capabilities

TurboScribe also comes with built-in translation features, allowing transcripts to be translated into over 134 languages. This feature bridges the language barrier, making transcripts accessible to a wider audience. The tool’s target audience includes podcasters, interviewers, professionals conducting meetings, and anyone requiring transcription services.

Pros and Cons of TurboScribe


– Extensive language support: Transcribes and translates over 134 languages.
– Multiple file support: Accepts a wide range of audio and video files.
– Speaker recognition: Suitable for transcribing multiple speaker sessions.


– Limited free tier: Restricts users to transcribe 3 files per day for a max of 30 minutes.
– Subscription price: Can be costly if billed monthly.
– No offline usage: Requires a stable internet connection to function.

Subscription and Pricing

TurboScribe does offer a free trial, permitting users to transcribe up to 3 files per day, with each file limited to 30 minutes. For unlimited access, the TurboScribe Unlimited subscription is available at a cost.



Advanced, multi-language transcription tool for audio/video files