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About ArtBot

ArtBot, created by Tinybots, transforms the creative process employing the advanced Stable Diffusion and a powerful computing cluster called the AI Horde. Chargefree and accessible to everyone, this web-based tool allows users to fabricate AI-generated images and photos. By incorporating an array of customizable settings, the platform offers outline prompts, image model selection, and the ability to set orientation and size of the resulting image. This encourages a high degree of control over the desired output, thereby fostering creativity and authenticity.

Customization and Image Generation

The image generation process can be defined by user preference, specifying steps, filter parameters, and the AI’s guidance level. Advanced options like seed and CLIP skip enhance the depth of customization. ArtBot’s cutting-edge post-processing options ensure refined output. Users may employ GFPGAN and CodeFormers for enhancing facial features, image background stripping, and applying upscaling techniques via RealESRGAN_x4plus and RealESRGAN_x4plus_anime_6BNMKD_Siax4x_AnimeSharp.

Target Users

ArtBot’s target users encompass artists, designers, learners, and creatives, interested in exploring AI-generated artistry. Its intuitive design ensures convenience, fostering a seamless user experience.

Pros and Cons of ArtBot


1. Free, adding to its accessibility for users worldwide.
2. Offers highly flexible options for customization.
3. AI Horde ensures efficient processing and output delivery.


1. Requires stable internet connectivity for optimal use.
2. May experience delays during periods of heavy traffic.
3. Advanced options could be overwhelming for beginners.

Availability and User Support

ArtBot does not offer a free trial as it is completely free to use. Special attention to user queries and regular updates outlined in the changelog makes it a reliable tool for AI-generated digital art. The GitHub repository adds a layer of transparency and provides additional resources.

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Generates unique, user-customizable images and photos.