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Introduction to Tactiq

Tactiq is a chrome extension perfectly designed to efficiently convert spoken language in meetings into written form. It harnesses the power of Open AI’s GPT-3 technology to deliver a real-time transcription of discussions held via diverse platforms including Google Meet, MS Teams, and Zoom. Additionally, Tactiq deems itself perfect for creating meeting summaries, action items, and agendas for forthcoming gatherings.

Useful Features and Functions

With the ability to identify speakers and time stamps for enhanced precision and context in discussions, Tactiq proves essential for virtual meetings. Its integration with Google Docs, Notion, Slack, Calendars, Confluence, among other third-party platforms, ensures easy shareability and storage of the generated transcripts.

Additional Benefits and Security

Coupled with the provision of engagement analytics, users can monitor the level of participation within their meetings. Tactiq goes the extra mile to provide robust security features, hence ensuring user data and transcripts are well secured. Notably, Tactiq has been certified as a Google Cloud partner and enjoys the trust of over 250,000 users spanning 8,000 organizations.

Pros and Cons of Tactiq


– Provides real-time transcription, enhancing efficiency in meetings.
– Compatibility with several third-party platforms facilitates easy sharing and storage of transcripts.
– Integrated robust security protocol protects user data and transcription.


– Chrome extension limitation hinders usage across different browsers.
– Potential inaccuracies in transcription due to dialect or accent variations.
– Deep reliance on internet connectivity during the meetings for efficient transcription.

Target Audience and Overall Assessment

Tactiq has not been explicitly stated to offer a free trial in the description given. The tool is likely targeting professionals, educators, students and organizations who frequently use digital platforms for meetings. Due to its distinct traits, it excels in enhancing productivity during meetings and ensuring effective follow-ups.



Transcribes and summarizes virtual meetings in real-time.