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Introducing SudoWrite: An AI-powered Writing Companion

SudoWrite is an innovative AI-powered writing tool ideally designed to assist authors in their writing process, speeding up the creation of novels or screenplays. It is highly commended by reputable news organizations like The New Yorker, The NY Times, and The Verge, and many successful authors and writers also endorse it.

Key Features and Functionality

The tool boasts functionalities such as a brainstorming helper, which delivers beta feedback helping authors in the ideation process. Its standout feature, the ‘Show, Not Tell’ button, aids in transforming passive descriptions into active, engaging narratives. Usability is at the core of SudoWrite, and it is designed in such a way that even those unfamiliar with AI tools can easily navigate and benefit from it.

Target Audience

Its target audience is broad, from first-time authors looking for guidance, to experienced authors aiming to enhance their storytelling craft. It’s not just limited to novelists and screenwriters; journalists, content creators, or anyone who wishes to upgrade their writing skills can find it valuable.

Pros and Cons of SudoWrite


  • Intuitive and straightforward, requiring no previous knowledge of AI technology.
  • Features like ‘Show, Not Tell’ help refine writing skills.
  • Provides invaluable aid in brainstorming and generating novel ideas.


  • Its usage may inhibit the natural flow of creativity.
  • Dependence on AI might dampen original thought process.
  • Monthly subscription cost after free trial

Free Trial and Subscriptions

SudoWrite does offer a free trial, a boon for writers who want to try it before subscribing to a monthly plan.

Endorsement by Human++

The credibility of this unique AI tool is further reinforced by the backing of Human++, Inc., an innovative technology company.

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Innovative writing tool offering enhanced brainstorming and editing.