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Stunning: An AI-Powered Website Builder for Businesses

Stunning is a high-performing AI-powered website builder that offers an array of useful features for businesses of all sizes. Its primary aim is to make website creation an intuitive and streamlined process. With Stunning, describing one’s business translates into access to a range of growth tools— from the construction of visually appealing landing pages to automated lead generation and AI-assisted marketing post creation.

Who is Stunning For?

This platform’s target audience includes independent creators, freelancers, business owners, and marketing agencies seeking a hassle-free website building solution. The tool serves as a one-stop-shop for these stakeholders, offering a 100% no-code interface that requires no expert knowledge—a key selling point for users lacking advanced IT skills. Its capacity to integrate custom code also renders it flexible for those possessing coding expertise.

All About AI Features

Stunning includes AI SEO Pages, allowing users to churn out numerous SEO-friendly blog posts tailored to market-specific niches, making website content more discoverable on the web. Its AI Marketing feature helps create engaging images and text content for various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, emails and Google ads.

Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive and user-friendly, no coding skills required
  • Versatile with features catering to diverse business needs
  • AI capabilities for automated content creation and SEO


  • Might be less flexible for those preferring advanced customization
  • The AI generated content might lack a personal touch
  • Learning to effectively utilize all features may take time

Cost and White Label Opportunities

Regarding cost, Stunning provides agencies with the option to white label the full platform. Hence, agencies can offer the tool to customers under their brand, increasing both their service offerings and potential profits. Although not explicitly stated, it’s advisable for potential users to contact Stunning directly to inquire about any available free trial periods.

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