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Scribe: An AI-Powered Process Documentation Tool

Scribe is a cutting-edge tool built on AI technology geared to streamline process documentation by transforming these into user-friendly visual guides. By activating the Scribe recorder during a process, the tool spontaneously develops a comprehensive ‘how-to’ guide, rich with screenshots, instructions, and clickable actions. Users can further personalize these guides using editing options provided, such as inserting remarks, adding details or branding, enhancing the guide’s functionality.

Integrative and Versatile

With its high compatibility, Scribe offers integration with popular browsers like Chrome and Edge, even extending its service for desktop platforms. This versatility makes Scribe a strategic tool designed for various audiences, including operations, sales, customer service, HR and IT teams. These teams can leverage Scribe for a myriad of tasks, including onboarding fresh recruits, formulating SOPs, building training modules, assisting customers, or responding to queries.

Performance and Usability

Scribe exhibits a strong performance, enabling teams to document processes 15 times faster which can lead to an increase in productivity by 25%. Its user-friendly interface is especially appreciated by its widespread user base, which includes hundreds of thousands of teams.

Pros and Cons


  1. Enables faster process documentation.
  2. Increases team productivity.
  3. High compatibility with various digital mediums.


  1. May require some learning for first-time users.
  2. The free version can be limited for advanced needs.
  3. Customizations might be complex for non-technical users.

Free and Paid Versions

Scribe does offer a free version to get started. For more advanced requirements, enterprise-level paid features are also available. To assist their users, Scribe also provides a variety of informative resources which include product demos, customer experiences and ebooks.

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Converts operational process into comprehensive visual guide.