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Revolutionizing Book Writing with, an innovative online software service that unfolds a new approach to book writing, is designed by a community of writers for writers, and accommodates various styles of writing and storytelling. This versatile tool can be accessed via any web browser and is compatible with all devices, including mobile phones, providing writers with the necessary flexibility to work from anywhere.

Enhancing the Efficiency of Writing is packed with several features that enhance the productivity and effectiveness of writing. It includes a text editor and a word counting tool. In addition to this, also incorporates an AI Writing Assistant, a custom wiki, and a unique feature called the Save the Cat! Beat Sheet Manager. It also provides a convenient Revision Board for storing and accessing notes and reminders, making the process of drafting and revising smoother.

Who Can Benefit From caters to a broad spectrum of authors and writers looking for a smooth, cloud-based platform for their works. Ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals, this tool offers the necessary assistance for crafting engaging narratives and captivating stories.

Some Pros and Cons of


1. Uniform accessibility on any device via web browsers.
2. Includes dynamical features like an AI writing assistant and custom wiki.
3. Provides a free plan to enable users to try out the platform before committing fully.


1. The software’s functionality is dependent on a steadfast internet connection due to its cloud-based nature.
2. Comprehensive features are only accessible for paid plans.
3. It might take some time to fully grasp and utilize all the provided tools.

Trial and Paid Plans offers a free trial to new users which includes up to 100,000 words and access to all the standard features for up to two weeks. Following the trial period, users can opt for the Standard, Advanced, or Professional paid plans in accordance with their needs and preferences.



Comprehensive online book writing and editing software.