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About Mindsmith

Mindsmith is an innovative eLearning authoring tool that utilizes AI to enhance the process of creating and sharing highly personalized eLearning content. Ideal for instructors, business trainers, digital training consultants, and education managers, this platform makes eLearning design more accessible.

Mindsmith Features and Benefits

Mindsmith offers impressive features including language support, auto-updating lessons, short upload times and detailed analytics. Its adaptability characters make it perfect whether for small teams or large organizations. Moreover, it allows the learning designer to guide the AI and incorporate pivotal context into every stage of lesson creation, making it a truly comprehensive instruction design tool.

Sharing Capabilities and Further Functionalities

Its sharing capabilities are also commendable, you can send your work through a dynamic SCORM package, a link, QR code, SMS, email, or an embed code. Plus, it’s mobile-friendly, adding to its functionalities, which enhances both accessibility and convenience.

Pros and Cons of Mindsmith


1. AI feature helps streamline the creation of custom content.
2. Short upload times ensures efficiency.
3. Broad sharing options offer flexibility in distribution.


1. Might be challenging for individuals not comfortable with AI technology.
2. Does not explicitly state if it supports languages other than English.
3. No information is provided about a free trial.


Mindsmith appears to be a highly robust and intelligent eLearning authoring tool, but it might take some time for some users to familiarize themselves with AI technology. While it is a comprehensive solution for eLearning content creation and distribution, it would be helpful for new prospects if a free trial was provided.

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Revolutionary eLearning authoring tool with personalized content creation.