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Overview of Looka: A Revolutionary AI-Based Branding Platform

Looka, formerly known as Logojoy, is a revolutionary AI-powered brand identity platform specifically crafted to assist entrepreneurs in generating professional logos and establishing a distinct brand identity. It offers a convenient and highly efficient approach to logo design through its Logo Maker, which produces hundreds of potential logo designs guided by user preferences. Looka’s users can then proceed to personalize their chosen design until it corresponds precisely with their envisioned brand aesthetic.

Complete Branding Solution with Looka’s Brand Kit

Looka goes beyond logo design with its Brand Kit, which leverages your chosen logo, color palette, and fonts to create all sorts of branding materials, all from one place. Be it business cards, social media profiles, email signatures, or more – the Brand Kit has got you covered with a variety of templates at your disposal. It also permits personalized profile and cover images for different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

User-friendly Features and Proactive Support

Looka provides more than 15 logo files suitable for various mediums, which include high-resolution file types like SVG, PNG, EPS, and PDF. New users are not left stranded, thanks to the inclusive guides like “Getting Started” and “Brand Identity 101”. Looka’s proactive customer success team is also readily available via email and live chat.

Target Audience and Pros and Cons of Looka

Target Audience:

Entrepreneurs and startups looking to create a professional brand identity.


1. Autonomous and fast logo creation process thanks to AI.
2. Offers customization on logo designs and branding materials.
3. Provision of high-resolution files suitable for different mediums.


1. Limited creative control as designs are AI-generated.
2. The free usage may come with limited features.
3. Customizations and design variations might be limited compared to professional design services.

Looka’s Pricing Model

Free Trial: Looka is free to use, although premium features may incur costs.



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