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Landing AI: The AI-Powered Website Builder

Landing AI is a unique website builder that leverages generative Artificial Intelligence to create personalized landing pages in a matter of seconds. With 29 varied themes, the tool offers extensive options to best represent a user’s brand. The AI assembles copywriting, color schemes, logos, and illustrations that are not only aesthetically pleasing but effective for targeted marketing. Based on entered project details, the AI is capable of crafting an ideal sales pitch.

Efficiency and Performance

The efficiency of Landing AI is reflected in its performance. It provides users with three distinct variations of the proposed landing page; each comes equipped with a unique layout, logo, and illustrations. Should these suit the user’s preference, the entire code, text, and image warehouse can be exported with a single click.

Target Audience

Targeting individuals or businesses looking to expand their projects without delving into extensive development, Landing AI instantly creates well-branded and engaging websites. It may not be the tool of choice for users seeking a hosting solution, requiring specific designs or elements beyond a landing page.


1. It creates unique, AI-generated landing pages quickly.
2. It offers a one-off, affordable payment with complete asset ownership.
3. It provides multiple options allowing for perfect brand representation.


1. It cannot accommodate specific design requests.
2. It is not suited for those searching for a hosting solution.
3. It is limited to creating landing pages only.

Pricing and Ownership

The pricing stands at $19 for one website. This includes three variations, one template, three distinctive logos, nine unique illustrations, and three different website copywritings. Users not only own the generated assets but also hold commercial rights. They can resell these assets if desired. Currently, Landing AI does not offer a free trial.

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