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Introducing Greip: The AI-Based Fraud Prevention Tool for Developers

Greip is an innovative tool ideal for developers who are keen on safeguarding their app’s financial security. It employs AI-based fraud prevention technology that uses machine learning modules to assess the likelihood of fraudulent activity in each transaction. The tool also utilizes IP geolocation information to enhance the user experience by adapting website content to location and language.

Versatility in Catering to Different Businesses

Being highly versatile, Greip caters to different kinds of businesses – from small start-ups to established enterprises – with its multiple plans including Free, Standard, Premium, and Pay-as-you-go. This makes its target audience rather extensive, comprising developers looking for varying degrees of protection depending on their specific needs.

Performance-Based Functionalities

Performance-wise, Greip carries functionalities such as BIN/IIN validation, which fetches and validates clients’ debit/credit card details, and a country API that provides comprehensive information about any country globally. These features bolster the tool’s capabilities significantly.

Pros and Cons of Using Greip


Reliable AI-based fraud detection safeguards your app’s financial security. Geo IP location enhances the user experience by adapting site content to location and language. Multiple pricing plans cater to different business needs.


As with most AI systems, there may be instances of false positives in fraud detection. Proxy or VPN users may find their access denied, potentially causing loss of legitimate users. More complex features like BIN/IIN validation may require technical expertise to fully utilize.

Free Plan and Business Trust

The tool does offer a free plan, which gives potential users an opportunity to explore its various features before advancing to the higher-tier plans. Greip is a trusted choice of numerous businesses worldwide, making it a notable addition in the ecosystem of GRE DEVELOPMENT LTD, a company registered in England and Wales.



Fraud prevention tool for applications with geolocation feature.