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Introducing DecisionMentor: AI-Driven Decision Making Tool

DecisionMentor is a pioneer in utilizing artificial intelligence for decision-making procedures. It functions as a Multi-Criteria Decision Making tool that fundamentally simplifies complex decisions for its users, catering to both public and private sectors. Its main capability is offering chat-based recommendations for diverse decision problems, contributing to an efficient, as well as enjoyable decision-making experience.

Functionalities and Features

By enabling visualization and analysis of individual preferences, it plays a crucial role in resource prioritization and decision-making. Moreover, its feature of social sharing fosters a knowledge-sharing environment, allowing users to learn from externally published decisions. This tool’s range of applications extends from choosing beneficial skills and experiences, to even deciding a study destination between Nepal and abroad.

Performance and User Experience

Performance-wise, DecisionMentor is favored for its easy-to-use interface, in-depth insights, appealing design, and broad applicability. The tool’s target audience varies from professionals in the public sector grappling with critical decision-making to individuals in private settings looking for personalized suggestions based on their unique preferences.

Evaluating DecisionMentor: Pros and Cons


– User-friendly interface, making decision-making enjoyable.
– Enables learning via social sharing feature.
– Efficient in visualizing and analyzing personal preferences.


– Limited to Apple and Google platforms.
– May require a subscription for early access to new features.
– Rights are reserved, limiting full accessibility to Truenary Solutions.

Availability and Access

Free trial offerings aren’t explicitly mentioned, but it does provide some features accessible to all and some through a subscription.