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About Coqui

Coqui is a state-of-the-art AI tool capable of producing realistic, generative AI voices for integration into a variety of applications. By leveraging advanced technologies such as voice cloning, it empowers users to create customized voices that align with their product or content needs. These voices can be adjusted for emotions and voice control, paving the way for more dynamic and engaging user interactions.

Unique Features

The tool’s ability to clone AI voices with just 3 seconds of audio distinguishes it in the market. Coupled with 30 free minutes of synthesis time, this tool delivers an exceptional combination of performance and affordability. The project management feature in Coqui allows for efficient task coordination, and the script imports facilitate seamless integration into workflows.

Who Can Use Coqui?

Coqui’s target audience includes video game developers, post-production experts, and dubbing professionals. Its timeline editor feature enables users to direct scenes with multiple AI voices, offering a highly versatile tool for creating vibrant and immersive digital experiences.


  • Precision voice cloning capabilities with just 3 seconds of audio
  • Offers adjustability in emotions and voice control
  • Streamlines team collaboration with project management and script imports


  • Requires some technical knowledge to leverage its full capabilities
  • No information is available on extended usage costs after the free 30 minutes
  • May require significant storage and bandwidth for running complex projects

Free Trial

It’s worth noting that Coqui offers a trial with 30 minutes of free synthesis time. This gives prospective users an excellent opportunity to gauge the tool’s capabilities before committing fully.



Voice cloning and management tool for creative projects.