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Introducing CloneDub: Revolutionizing Video Localization

CloneDub is designed to revolutionize the process of video localization across various industries. This cutting-edge tool utilizes artificial intelligence to swiftly localize video content, perfect for businesses of all sizes looking to broaden their reach. It extends the scope of content consumption, offering automated voiceovers, accurate captions, and top-grade translation services. It’s automated dubbing service covers 28 languages, an asset in a globalized world where content needs to be accessible in multiple languages.

User-Friendly, Efficient Video Editing Tool

The tool is user-friendly and eliminates the complex steps involved in video editing. Users can simply paste the video link and wait for the AI to do the magic. CloneDub is precise and efficient in transcribing videos, rendering translations, generating dubbed audio, and isolating background music to harmonize all elements flawlessly.

Integration with ElevenLabs for a Diverse Audience

Moreover, it is integrated with ElevenLabs, offering users the option to choose from an array of standard voices or clone their own. The target audience is diverse, including content creators, marketers, and businesses aiming to increase their online presence in various languages.

Pros and Cons of CloneDub


  • Offers auto-dubbing in 28 languages, opening up global opportunities.
  • Integrates seamlessly with ElevenLabs, providing a choice of voices for dubbing.
  • AI-powered tool, removes traditional manual work and saves ample time.


  • It may lack the human touch in translations and dubbings.
  • Not suitable for content that relies heavily on culture-specific nuances.
  • Limitations may exist in tonal accuracy and emotion replication.

Availability of Free Trial for CloneDub

The availability of a free trial for CloneDub is not stated in the provided information.



Automated video localization tool supporting 28 languages.