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Clipmaker is a cutting-edge tool that harnesses AI technology to simplify the process of creating short clips from YouTube videos. It allows users to rapidly generate high-quality clips and schedule them for both TikTok and Instagram, eliminating the need for manual editing or uploading. Thanks to its artificial intelligence capabilities, Clipmaker guarantees visually appealing and engaging outputs.

Who is Clipmaker For?

The target audience for Clipmaker would be social media influencers, marketers, or any individual or business aiming to expand their reach by leveraging the power of TikTok and Instagram. Even without any professional video editing experience, these users can take advantage of Clipmaker’s simplicity and speed.

Features of Clipmaker

Clipmaker also offers designed templates to maintain branding consistency. Another impressive feature is its ability to add subtitles, a strategy acknowledged to increase engagement by up to 50%. Its auto-schedule feature is a game-changer for frequent content publishers: clips are automatically created from new YouTube videos and scheduled for posting.

Advantages and Disadvantages


1. Saves valuable time for users with its auto-generation and scheduling of clips.
2. Increases engagement with its auto-subtitle feature.
3. Maintains brand consistency with customizable templates.


1. Limited to clips from YouTube videos, offering no support for other video sources.
2. The AI may not always understand the context, which could affect the quality of the clips.
3. Decisions regarding the best parts to highlight are left to an AI, which might not align with the user’s preference.

Pricing of Clipmaker

Clipmaker does not currently offer a free trial. Users are required to pay for its services to experience its full functionality.



Creates, customizes, and schedules enticing short YouTube clips