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Introduction to Books-By-Ai

Books-By-Ai is an innovative tool that capitalizes on the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) for book writing and reading. Its primary capability centers around creating custom books utilizing ChatGPT. Users input a prospective title and other directives, allowing them to influence the content the AI produces. Consequently, users have control over the creation of their AI-written books.

The tool then presents a book overview and a table of contents, followed by chapter generation that is instigated when reading commences. Readers can engage in a conversation with the content, ensuring that it is tailored to their interests by asking for further information or clarity.

Functionality And Subject Range

Books-By-Ai caters to those interested in exploring a variety of topics, from arts, business, computer science, to environmental studies and philosophy. Since book categories are organized based on these topics, users can quickly locate their areas of interest. The tool has an impressive performance, demonstrated by the diverse range of subjects it covers and its ability to generate content as the user reads. The generated books are accessible on the homepage, ensuring they are available and easily searchable.

Pros of this tool:

– Creates AI written custom books.
– Allows users to engage with content developed by AI.
– Covers a wide range of subjects.


– Content may not always meet user expectation.
– Limited personalization options beyond title and initial directives.
– All generated books are public.

Final Thoughts

However, information about a free trial for Books-By-Ai was not provided. It’s advised to check on their website for such details. Its innovative use of AI to create and customize book content makes it a valuable tool for avid readers and individuals interested in various subjects.



Interactive platform for custom, on-demand book generation.