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Introducing BHuman: A Groundbreaking AI Tool for Personalized Video Creation

BHuman is an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) tool geared towards creating personalized videos on a large scale. It is an essential tool for companies aiming to establish authentic connections with their customers through visually engaging content. Its potential uses spread through various industries such as eCommerce, automotive, real estate, software, and politics, among others. It offers companies the ability to meld data, clone videos, and repurpose them for diverse audiences.

Performance and Results

BHuman has proven its capabilities by providing stunning performance results. It can generate thousands of personalized videos in one click and distribute these videos through any channel, simplifying the task while increasing efficiency. Open rates have surged by 124% using BHuman, while click-through rates have exploded by 593%, taking conversion rates up by a staggering 302%. This tool gives instant results, making it easier for businesses to monitor and measure the effectiveness of their video campaigns.

A Diverse Range of Applications

The target audience for BHuman ranges from HR, finance, sales & marketing, hospitality sectors, which are keen to leverage personalized video content for different purposes. It can be a valuable tool for lead generation, customer education, upselling and cross-selling, and customer care and success.

Pros and Cons of BHuman


  • Produces personalized videos at scale, streamlining the marketing process.
  • Proven to significantly increase open, click-through, and conversion rates.
  • Allows instant measurement of campaign effectiveness for prompt analysis.


  • Requires some knowledge on data integration and video cloning for maximum utilization.
  • As an AI-based tool, it may lack the ‘human touch’ in videos created.
  • Personalized nature of videos may limit broad applicability or general audience appeal.


(Note: the description provided doesn’t state whether this tool offers a free trial)

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Mass customized video creation tool for business marketing.