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Introduction to Software Used in AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI), with its diverse utility in today’s modern world, consistently redefines the limits of technological capabilities. Valued highly in industries ranging from healthcare to space exploration, AI is also the marvel behind comical filters in various social media applications1. Central to these advancements is the software used in AI, which often remains unnoticed.

Varieties of Software Used in AI

Software used in AI forms the fundamental building block of all artificial intelligence systems. The variations in AI software are as numerous as the AI systems themselves. For instance, TensorFlow, created specifically for machine learning on extensive datasets, has found widespread use in various applications such as gaming and healthcare2. Other software such as Torch, indispensable for forming neural networks and deep learning algorithms, has gained recognition3.

AI Advancements and the Influence of Software Giants

As AI continues to develop, significant contributions are also being made by indirect software stakeholders like IBM. The introduction of IBM’s Watson, an AI-based question-answering system, has revolutionized the healthcare industry with its capacity to analyse and interpret millions of data structures for a more precise diagnosis4.

Role of Diverse Software Used in AI

The utilization of varying tools such as RapidMiner is vital in simplifying data procedures to develop improved predictive models. In contrast, software used in AI like Weka, supplies open-source solutions for data mining tasks5,6. Contrary to common perception, the world of AI is interweaved with diverse software tools, each serving its unique function. The progress in AI, as stated by the tech journal Towards Data Science, lies not only in the intricacy and potency of its systematic neural networks and machine learning but also in the software used in AI7.


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