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Utilization Of Artificial Intelligence In Online Content Moderation

The practice of online content moderation is undergoing a tech-driven revolution with the Application of AI-Based Measures [1]( This modern approach is shedding the traditional human-labor intensive processes and adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a gigantic leap, sparking intrigue and concerns along the way.

AI’s Pivotal Role In Overhauling Content Moderation

The immense potential of AI in redefining the landscape of content moderation is rapidly gaining notice. AI encompasses advanced algorithms and computational models designed to replicate human cognitive abilities [2](

In the context of online content moderation, AI’s applications are vast. Notably, it possesses the capability to autonomously detect and eliminate content not conforming to community guidelines, increasing efficiency in the process [3](

Displacing the Old Guard: AI versus Human Moderation

Initially, content moderation online was dependent on human moderators who screened content 24/7 [4]( This often resulted in substantial mental stress due to constant exposure to disturbing content. The Use of AI in Online Content Moderation alleviates significantly this pressing concern by reducing the need for human interference [5](

Compensating for the Limitations of AI In Online Content Moderation

Notwithstanding the profound benefits of AI, it is essential to note that AI lacks emotions, empathy, and cultural understanding. It is unable to process the subjective nature of content [6]( Hence, human intervention remains crucial for refining the process of online content moderation, establishing a balance between traditional methods and the Use of AI in Online Content Moderation.

Collaboration of AI and Humans: The Future of Online Content Moderation

AI and human intuition can complement each other to create a safer, more harmonious digital environment. The trick lies in balancing the power of AI processing and the unique insights provided by human intuition [7]( Collective challenges and diverse solutions will pave the way for effective and efficient Use of AI in Online Content Moderation.

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